Dawid Mazewski

Dawid Mazewski

Front-end Developer

Passionate, self taught Front-end developer who advances every single day by working, freelancing and making his own projects. I'm looking for job offers for junior Front-end developer position.

Work Experience

Decemember 2018 - Now
Freelance Front-end and Wordpress developer
April 2018 - Decemember 2018
Front-End developer in WebVist

In WebVist I am responsible for the development of customer tailored websites, mainly in Wordpress. The websites I have created were user friendly and conforming strictest web design standards. Content can be easly edited by the client thanks to Advanced Custom fields.

My main responsibilities are:

  • Making fully responsive, SEO friendly, modern wordpress websites from scratch or PSD for diffrent niches(car rental, interior finish, eco organisations, medicine, shops, etc)
  • Creating fully responsive, modern, email templates
  • Making landing pages
  • Developing and/or editing ecommerce sites on Woocommerce
  • Extending existing websites with new modules
  • Upgrading old existing websites by making them accessible from mobile devices
  • Pages Optimisation in the area of:
    • SEO - changing headers hierarchy, increasing internal linking, using valid, semantic HTML, adding Structured Data, setting proper titles, descriptions and metadata.
    • Speed - reducing HTTPs requests, reducing images size, minification of files, setting cache control
    • Security and accesibility - migrating from HTTP to HTTPS


Comercial website wordpress

Website for polish eco organization.

Comercial website wordpress

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non comercial website

Modern, elegant website for travel agency where you can rent a hotel room in Brazil's biggest cities.

Landotechmobile landing page
Comercial Landing page wordpress

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Comercial website wordpress

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non comercial website

Example page for an imaginary software house.

non comercial game

Spawn and manipulate particles by moving and clicking mouse button. thanks to this project I could use algebra in a sensible way.

non comercial game

Simple but addictive game where you have to destroy waves of boxes by shoting bullets at the best trajectory.

Spaceship Game
non comercial game

Move spaceship in space and destroy meteorites but beware of limited ammunition.


Web Technologies


I can make every design into HTML&CSS pixel perfect. I'm using new CSS that is supported in most browsers(caniuse.com), know flexbox and some css-grid. Using SASS to have more reusable, managable, scalable css code.


I have strong foundations in Javascript. I know Object oriented programing, ES6 features. Can manipulate DOM easly. High order functions, basics of API, JSON, AJAX. I use JQuery and other smaller frameworks for UI elements. Curently learning React.

Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation

I can use any css framework. I used Zurb fundation for emails to make couple email templates for big smartphone reseler.


I can make full Wordpress websites from scratch for companies, blogs, news portals, eCommerce. I can use current themes, change them or make new one. I know file structure and how to make child themes. I'm familiar with wordpress loops, functions, filters, shortcodes, and many useful plugins including Advanced Custom fields and Woocommerce.


I know SQL syntax, I know how to administrate, make backups, export, import database, create users and setup privileges.

Tools & workflow


Basic git knowledge.


I use Npm to automate my routine tasks and make development faster and easier.


I'm familiar with bash and batch scripting. Most offten I'm using git, npm comands and some ssh utilities.


I know how to install and setup Linux for standard usage. I know how to install packages, use comand line. I can setup Apache server, samba server.

Additional Skills

SEO & optimalisation

I know how to: set redirects, cache elements, move website from http to https, set cloudflare. I know how important is content and used keywords, heading hierarchy, structural data, og metadata.


Good knowledge of how to use white space, elements hierarchy, good application of colors. I value rule content over special efects.


2016 - 2018
Politechnika Wrocławska
Computer science at electronics
June 27, 2018
Mobile Sites Cerification
February 21, 2018
FreeCodeCamp's Front End Development Program

Additional Skills


English B2

Very good reading and listening skills. I am able to read technical documentation. My spoken and written English is close to upper intermediate.

Polish Native

Soft Skills

Problem solving

I'm self taught developer. I like to make my own projects and think how to do them. I like to analyse how things are done. Quora and Stackoverflow are my best friends.


Most of the time I try to invent something or make existing things better.

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